NASCAR Heat Racing League File Space
The NASCAR Heat Racing League provides a designated file-sharing space for league members. In this area, approved users can share items not otherwise suitable for uploading on the forum. In order to gain access to this space, please contact one of the league administrators. After logging in with the appropriate username, league members can upload files, create folders, rename files or folders, and delete files or folders using a simple browser interface.

Please consider the following courtesies when accessing the file space. The league administrators may delete or disable accounts when users ignore these simple guidelines.

1. Do not upload paint schemes or setups; continue to post these items on the website and forum.
2. If "zipping up" a big file significantly reduces its size, upload it in WinZip or WinRAR format.
3. Contact one of the league administrators if you want to upload a file larger than 50 megabytes.
4. Upload all installer and executable files (items ending with EXE) in WinZip or WinRAR format.
5. From time to time, organize messy collections of files so that other users can easily find items.

Please note: if you want to post a link on the forum to a specific file in the directory, simply right-click on the appropriate item, select Properties, highlight the path next to Address, and paste this selection as a hyperlink when you write your next message.

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