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Another Dazzling Busch Series Championship
Thursday, December 14, 2017
lepage71 - Speedyman11 has claimed the title yet again! From start to finish, he placed the 2016-17 Busch Series championship in little doubt, given his impressive performance. Speedy edged lepage71 in the final standings by 40 points and topped the charts with 8 wins, 8 poles, and 572 laps led. Despite the statistics, however, much of his success came in moderation, perhaps making them even more remarkable. In the actual races, over half of the margins fell within 3 seconds, with several outcomes decided with late passes or strategies. In second place on the podium, lepage71 drove to three victories of his own, collecting the most top-5 finishes (10) and bonus points (95). CR49, in an outstanding return to NHRL, conducted his best-ever season campaign, earning 2 poles, leading 112 laps, and finishing in third place. Rookiesrock, in fourth, was the only driver other than Speedy and lepage to score a victory. Solid Breeze, meanwhile, mirrored his 2016 campaign, grabbing another fifth-place position in the standings. Rated 5/5 (2 votes).
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League Announces 2017 Busch Series Season
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
lepage71 - Get ready, it's time for your annual dosage of the NBS mod! The NASCAR Heat Racing League is thrilled to release the official schedule for the 2017 NHRL Busch Series season. But that's not all. After consulting with members, the league is also happy to announce that it will return to Sunday evenings (8:30 PM ET), the same time as used earlier in the 2017 Truck Series. As is typical in the NBS mod, we expect the competition to be as equally wide-open as it is tough, for drivers of every skill level. Caution flags only add to the every-race drama. And, as far as this year's championship is concerned, don't be surprised if a true showdown is in store, as Speedyman11, lepage71, Rookiesrock, KartRacer63, and others are all legitimate contenders. We'd love to have you and everyone else join the action. Sign up today on the forum and we'll look forward to soon seeing you on the track! Rated 5/5 (2 votes).
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Speedyman11 Drives to Second Busch Series Victory
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
lepage71 - Speedyman11 has claimed victory once again! From start to end, he put the 2015-16 NHRL Busch Series championship in little doubt, given his virtuoso performance. Speedy won the opening five races, edged lepage71 and Rookiesrock in the final standings by 60 points, and topped the charts with 7 wins, 11 top-5s, 7 poles, and 431 laps led. Yet despite the numbers, most of his success came in moderate increments, perhaps making them even more impressive. In the races themselves, two-thirds of the margins of victories fell within 5 seconds, with several outcomes decided in the latter laps or with late fuel and tire strategies. Numerous drivers contributed to the drama. In second and third, lepage71 (1) and Rookiesrock (3) drove to several victories of their own. Breeze, meanwhile, won a pole for the second straight season and matched his best finish in the standings in fourth. The biggest story of the season might have been BlackKnight's long-awaited first league victory at Talladega. He executed a courageous late-race pass and held off puttzracer and lepage71 at the line. Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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Busch Series Season Set to Start in August
Thursday, August 18, 2016
lepage71 - The third series of 2016 is upon us. The league is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2015-16 NHRL Busch Series. Expectations are high after a thrilling Cup Series campaign. Speedyman11 winning his fourth league championship, last-lap passes and split-second victory margins, and unexpected late-race comebacks and reversals of fortunes dominated the headlines. The Cup Series also marked the point at which all three series have now had a full season of caution flags. As is usually the case, the unpredictability and excitement should carry right over into the Busch Series. The Busch schedule features its accustomed variety of courses, ranging from super speedways to road courses. Notably, the series will also make its first visit to Montgomery, a Mod Squad track released in last year. The Busch Series will take place on weeknights at 8:45 PM ET from August 12 to November 10. The schedule's up, drivers are organizing. So why wait any longer? Sign up today and join our asylum-of-fun. Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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Busch Series Competition Returns to NASCAR Heat Racing League
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
lepage71 - 2014-15 is turning out to be a momentous season for the NASCAR Heat Racing League. New rules, tracks, winners, and champions have combined to create a compelling and unpredictable narrative. After hosting a thrilling Truck Series in the fall, the league instituted yellow flags for the first time during the winter and spring Cup Series, a change garnering overwhelmingly good reviews. But perhaps the most significant change this season is not a change at all, but rather a return to a popular classic: the Busch Series and the NBS Mod. The league is delighted to announce its return to Busch racing for the first time since 2013 (2013-14 season). The series will include 12 races: 2 on road courses, 2 on superspeedways, 2 on long ovals, and 6 on intermediate speedways. As expected, Jes Rathbun will be continuing in his role as NHRL caution flag official. Given the close racing that the NBS Mod produces, the debut of caution flags in the Busch Series should make for an explosive mix. Sign up today, or if you fear fun, run away and hide! Rated 5/5 (2 votes).
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Speedyman11 Captures Cup Series Title in Style
Thursday, June 4, 2015
lepage71 - Across the world, mountains have trembled, seas have swelled, and poets have taken to song, because a new NHRL champion has been born. In the league's first series with caution flags, Speedyman earned his first championship amidst some of the closest racing seen in league history. In almost every race, his car was "fast off the truck" and his record showed it, as Speedy led the Cup Series with 6 wins, 7 poles, and 524 laps led. He also tied lepage71 for first with 11 top-5s and 12 top-10s. Time and again, Speedy and the #11 crew made good decisions on pit road, an increasingly critical skill in the league's new caution flag era. No slouch in 2014-15, lepage scored 4 wins of his own, the bulk coming in the second half of the season, narrowing the final margin down to just 11 points. Spike, meanwhile, matched his impressive debut in the last series in Trucks with another third-place finish in the standings (8 top-5s). Rookiesrock finished fourth on a limited schedule (1 win) and BlackKnight finished fifth while leading the most laps of his career (32). Rated 5/5 (2 votes).
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Hammer Earns First Championship, NBS Series Crown
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
lepage71 - What a season! Prior to the start of the 2013 campaign, Hammer had recorded a respectable two career victories in the NBS Series. His success would reach a whole new level in 2013, as he not only took the championship, but also scored 6 victories along the way. In doing so, he provided a fine swan song for Hammer Racing Industries and broke the recent NHRL Racing strangehold on titles. In the end, Hammer bested top pursuer lepage71 (4 wins) with a margin of 58 points (1872-1814). He also has the distinction of being the final champion of the original NBS mod, as the series will adopt a new car model starting in 2014. Other drivers contributed to a fantastic season. Rookiesrock claimed the 3rd standings position on the strength of 10 top-5 finishes. Although still pursuing that elusive win, bover907 had his finest league performance (4th), collecting 9 top-5s. And not to be forgotten, cruisectrl rounded out the top-5. He topped his 11th-place finish in CTS, his first-ever league series. Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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New NBS Series Format Set to Debut
Thursday, February 7, 2013
lepage71 - The NASCAR Heat Racing League is thrilled to announce its plans for the 2013 NBS Series. Exciting changes are in the air. For the first time, the NBS Series will be the sole focus of the league, featuring a schedule of 12 races prior to the start of its traditional companion, the CUP Series. The NBS schedule features favorite tracks like Charlotte and Talladega but also returns to long-lost challenges like Phoenix and Richmond. League administrator lepage71 explained the changes: "We now have independent schedules for NBS and CUP. Drivers can now pour all of their efforts into each series, one at a time, elevating them to an even higher level of fun and competition. We may also be able to run some mini-series alongside NBS or CUP, which we were not able to do previously." Veterans and rookies alike are invited to join NBS. So stop the waiting and visit the forum to sign up! Rated 5/5 (3 votes).
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DaveO Claims NBS Championship to Change Guard
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
lepage71 - DaveO returned to league competition in 2012 and the results did not disappoint. In fact, they would reach extraordinary heights. At the start of the season, he joined forces with lepage71 to found NHRL Racing, a team based on principles of fairness and sportsmanship. Armed with this new vision, Dave executed a masterful - and consistent - performance over tough competition. Miraculously, he and NHRL Racing accounted for every NBS Series victory in 2012. But perhaps most impressively, Dave managed to finally halt his teammate's dynasty of NBS championships. He separated himself from the field on the strength of a torrid stretch where he collected 9 victories in 13 races. The season, however, was not without challengers, as lepage, Rookiesrock, Hammer, and bover907 were top-5 machines. Additionally, kyle contended early before taking time off for personal matters. BlackKnight and Breeze also had their best seasons and each scored their first top-5 finishes. Rated 5/5 (3 votes).
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lepage71 Earns Another NBS Series Championship in 2007
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
lepage71 - In what is becoming a stranglehold, lepage71 collected his third consecutive NBS Series title during the 2007 season. Despite challenges from Rookiesrock (2954 points) and efgordon (2941) throughout the campaign, lepage71's relentless top-5 finishes extended the final margin to 63 markers. Like the 2006 season, lepage was a model of consistency, tallying 16 top-5s and a perfect 20 top-10 finishes, completing every single lap, and dominating the field in the +/- statistic (+108). Only efgordon could amass comparable totals, earning 16 top-5s, 19 top-10s, and a 0.994 lap-completion percentage. Several other drivers enjoyed successful seasons, as actlabs11 (4th in points), Reef (5th), and Stick77 (6th) earned their highest finishes in the NBS points standings. EagleKeeper, in a military-shortened season, DavisV, kyle, and retroracer earned the other top-10 standings positions. Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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