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Team Description
Team Thunder Racing was originally (and unoficially) formed in 2003 by former league member Ramrock41 (aka Ramrock47) and his brother. D3efan also raced with them.

TTR was revived in 2006 when d3efan, and bover907 were left teamless after the disbandment of NHRL powerhouse BBFF, and teamed up with former TTR co-founder Ramrock47. DavisV was recruited shortly aftwerward, and TTR was the new powerhouse team on the NHRL Scene with D3efan and DavisV being Constant frontrunners and winning quite a few races.

DavisV left the NHRL in March of 2009 due to dificulties racing from an overseas military assignment, and was replaced by former NHRL Cup Champion Grove, who'd recently revived his racing carreer.

In 2010, Ramrock47 became dissatisfied with team operations and left the team to be a free agent. He temporarily retired from the NHRL after just two NBS races in 2011.

Most Recently, TTR Welcomed NHRL Veteran and NASCAR Whelen All American Series Driver Retroracer to their ranks.

As the NHRL's longest running active team, TTR remains one of the league's top tier teams with current members D3efan, Grove, Bover907 and Retroracer. Rated 4.9/5 (4 votes).
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