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Course Information
Shape4-Corner Oval
GroupIntermediate Speedway
Length1.366 Mi / 2.198 Km
Pit Road Information
Speed Limit55 MPH
Lane MarkersNone
Stall AlignmentLeft
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Course Profile
Darlington is a 1.366-mile intermediate speedway with 4 corners and a 55 MPH speed limit on pit road. The league competed at Darlington for the first time during the 2002 season. Since its league debut, the track has hosted 39 races in 3 series. As a member of the intermediate speedway group, Darlington has a set of pitting procedures which tend to confuse drivers despite clear guidelines listed in the league rules. When pitting, drivers are required to enter the apron before turn 3. When exiting, drivers are required to use the apron until the backstraight, then merge onto the racing surface. . Often times, drivers forget to remain left after merging and this is a frequent source of penalties.